Our commitment to sustainable tourism

We take care of our customers, our environment and the planet.

To do this, we are doing everything we can to multiply eco- gestures and encourage our customers to take advantage of sustainable tourism.

To save energy : our house is equipped with low consumption LED bulbs . The heating system and the production of hot water come from a wood pellet boiler.

To preserve the fauna and flora : In the vegetable garden, no pesticides,. In the park, when mowing, we voluntarily leave strips of fallow . Thus, we preserve biodiversity .

For the reduction of our waste : compost silos have been installed and all our green waste partly feeds the animals in our barnyard.

We favor short circuits: On the menu of our table d'hôtes, we find the products of our vegetable garden or those of our local producers.

To reduce the carbon footprint , we offer our customers visits to the many historical, cultural, rural, sports, gastronomic, hiking trails and local sites. We also offer bike rental for these visits close to home.